Baking Tools One Can’t Live Without

Whether you are baking something savory or sweet, there are some baking tools that should always remain on hand. Take a look through your kitchen drawers and cabinets and make sure you have the following baking tools on hand because these are the ones you can’t live without!

  1. Offset Spatula


When it comes to icing cakes, an offset spatula gets the job done well. Crafted with a long, slender blade, scraping up and spreading frosting has never been easier. Handling the offset spatula is quite easy because there is a stair-step dent where the end of the blade meets the handle. Try to purchase an offset spatula that is at least 8 inches long so it can cover more cake at a time.


  1. Wire Cooling Racks


Freshly baked food should be placed on a wire cooling rack to allow the heat to circulate out from the baking. Cooling racks ensure that food cools without becoming mushy from built-up moisture. Try to purchase a wire cooling rack with a tight grid to stop any food from falling through or things like cookies breaking while cooling. Wire cooling racks can be used for so much more than just cooling food. In fact, they are also designed for oven use if they are oven safe racks. The next time you roast/smoke meat or vegetables, try placing them on the wire rack in the oven for a fancy dinner.


  1. High-Quality Measuring Cups


Measuring cups are key to baking delicious food. There are so many different measuring cups on the market that are cheap, but that does not always mean you will get an accurate measurement. Investing in some high-quality measuring cups will ensure that your baking comes out of the oven looking and tasting amazing.


  1. Digital Thermometer


Whether you are baking chicken or candy, having a digital thermometer on hand will ensure all your baking cooks thoroughly. Most digital thermometers come with an easy insert prong and digital display for quick reading. Digital thermometers mean you will never overcook or undercook anything again. If you’re also making natural homemade treatment for smooth skin, you will need this. 


  1. A Whisk


A kitchen staple – a whisk. There are various kinds of whisks to buy such as metal or plastic, but no matter which one you buy, it will be sure to make your baking easier! This baking tool has a long handle with several wire loops overlapped at the end to mix all your baking ingredients well. A whisk is great for making scrambled eggs or mixing muffin batter.


  1. Pastry Cutter


Say goodbye to clumpy baking with the pastry cutter. This tool is designed to effortlessly cut butter/margarine into dry ingredients like flour. A pastry cutter is a must-have tool for making pies, dough and biscuits and ensures a smooth mix every time. Make sure to buy one with a sturdy handle for good gripping.


  1. Lemon Squeezer


This may seem like an odd necessary baking tool, but the next time you are struggling to squeeze lemons for cookies, cakes, or anything else you will wish you had a durable lemon squeezer. Try looking for a stainless-steel lemon squeezer that is easy to clean but also catches any lemon seeds effortlessly. This tool is also great when baking lemon chicken, lemon glazed salmon, or lemon tarts.


There are so many baking tools on the market that it can be slightly confusing knowing which ones you need the most. So, check your kitchen cabinets for the tools above to ensure you are ready for productive baking.